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Milliken Middle School can be traced to 1915 when the town of Milliken passed a $10,000 bond issue. On November 18, 1915, a six-room schoolhouse was completed at South Irene Avenue in Milliken, only feet from where the current building sits. Grades through tenth grade attended the Milliken School House and the first graduating class received their diplomas in the spring of 1918. In March 1927, the townspeople of Milliken passed another bond issue for $24,000 to finance a gymnasium to be built next to the school. The school remained unchanged until 1952 when another gymnasium was built south of the schoolhouse.

After the Johnstown and Milliken school districts reorganized in 1961 to become Weld County School District RE-5J, Milliken School House served as the new school district’s middle school. In an effort to eliminate any competition between the two towns and the resident’s resistance towards the consolidation, plans for new high school and middle school buildings were made. Once these new buildings were completed in 1968, the Milliken School House was demolished and replaced with a playground. The gymnasium built in 1952 remained as part of the middle school and is still used today. A new elective wing was built on the north in 1997 creating a new home economics lab, an art room and a new computer and technology lab. In 2004, to meet the needs of the district’s increased enrollment, new classrooms, a new cafeteria and an auxiliary gymnasium were added to the school.
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Mission Statement

The mission of Milliken Middle School is to provide a program that will meet the needs, interests, and abilities of students in grades 6-8. In order to accomplish this mission, the following goals have been determined:

  • The middle school has a definite function in continuing instruction in the fundamentals of reading, oral and written communication and mathematics.
  • The middle school has the responsibility of developing in its student’s creativity, initiative, and critical thinking.
  • The middle school emphasizes a program of general education and exploration which will provide a wide range of educational opportunities so students may discover their individual interests.
  • The middle school will work to develop good citizenship skills among its students.
  • The middle school will provide for both health and physical fitness awareness among its students.
  • The middle school will provide social activities that will allow students the opportunity to develop social skills.
  • The middle school is designed to provide a gradual transition from the primary school to the more specialized high school.
  • The middle school will provide opportunities for students to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Office hours 7:00 am ­ 3:30 pm
Student hours ­ 7:30 am ­ 2:35 pm
Students should not arrive at school before 7:15 unless they are requested to do so by a teacher or their bus arrives early .

Mascot – Mustangs
School Colors – Black and White


Milliken Middle School prides itself by keeping class sizes to an average of 26 students per class. We are one of the few middle schools that provide an extensive elective program. Students are able to choose course work in art, technology, consumer and family studies, band, choir, Spanish, music sampler, PE, strength & conditioning, team & individual sports, manufacturing and shop.  After school programs include; yearbook, athletics, brain bowl, student council, and drama.